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Allstate Insurance

Mobile Insurance Concept




Nexion Mobile (pseudonym for Allstate Insurance) is a responsive web application that allows any smartphone user to purchase multiple mobile insurance plans for themselves and family members, and have their phones easily insured in matter of minutes.



Product designer and consultant

team structure

2 designers
2 PMs
4 engineers


User research
Research synthesis
Usability testing
UI Design
Rapid prototyping
Meeting Facilitation



Allstate is a large personal lines insurer company that provides insurance and financial products. It wants to break into $48 billion mobile insurance market by 2020. Allstate stakeholders want to build an easy, intuitive purchase funnel for consumers to buy mobile insurance. They want more people to sign up for Allstate insurance plans than from those at their phone carriers.


business requirements

  • Simple, intuitive multi-purchase workflow
  • Provide coverage for latest models only
  • Intake and validate CC information
  • Send out insurance policy number via mail
  • Easy, informational process for filing a claim

The Process

Reviewing notes from user interviews

Reviewing notes from user interviews


Discovery research

The product team and I looked into competitors' products, so that I could understand the phone insurance market. The products and policies were similar, and we hypothesized that Nexion could offer the same in addition to their 100% guaranteed customer service. To validate this hypothesis, we spoke to users who have/had phone insurance and have filed a claim at least once.


The results from the first round of interviews were subpar because we didn't have the right target group. The survey was not detailed enough as we interviewed more people who didn't sign up for insurance. So for the second, the product manager and I screened for people through a detailed survey with open-ended questions, and this dramatically improved quality in interviews. From these interviews, noticeable trends bubbled up such as people:

  • Bought insurance at time of phone purchase/upgrade
  • Were unaware that insurance can be bought outside of carriers
  • Preferred monthly payments to 1-year payment
  • Felt frustrated and annoyed when they filed a claim
  • Had a dependent attachment to their phones

Our sample group mentioned an attachment to their phones, and felt "naked" without them. Oddly enough, they opted-out of insurance to cut costs. Some angrily canceled their insurance after filing a claim because they were unaware of deductible fees. This cognitive dissonance sparked an interesting design challenge:


"How might we provide clear, informative insurance plans that are affordable for money-conscious people?"


Afterwards, we generated many solutions to answer this question. The ideas were usually open-ended, not specific components in the product. All ideas (written in post-its) were "synthesized", a process in which ideas are categorized by themes. There were many ideas that range from interaction design to process, so we prioritized them based on a simple question: "Does this solution solve a user need?"

A research synthesis of ten interviews

A research synthesis of ten interviews


Brainstorming and Sketching



We worked closely with a product manager to prioritize opportunities and constraints. For upcoming features, I facilitated sketching sessions to sketch ideas on paper. This activity provided collaboration with all members in the project team and partake ownership in designs of the product.

From there, the Allstate designer and I drafted a rough prototype to validate this solution through concept testing.

Initial sketches in brainstorming session

Initial sketches in brainstorming session

Purchasing workflow for mobile insurance

Purchasing workflow for mobile insurance

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 2.08.55 AM.png
Sign up and purchase workflow

Sign up and purchase workflow


Design Testing & Iterations


Style guide and Pattern Library


designing in iterations

We worked closely with product managers to prioritize features. For upcoming features, I facilitated sketching sessions, as this activity promotes collaboration within project team and partake some ownership in the designs.

Every week, product managers schedule and designers facilitate usability testings. We ensure that the features that we design make sense to the users, and use the feedback to iterate on the designs.



A responsive web application that allows smartphone users to purchase phone insurance easily. Nexion Mobile provides 3 protection plans with various coverages: Cracked Screen, Serious Malfunction, and Complete Damage. All 3 plans provide monthly or one-time payment options. After a successful payment, a customer can activate the protection plan by downloading a diagnostics app that checks for software and hardware qualities.

After 4 months of active involvement, I was rolled off the project for the client designer to take reins on the design efforts. I later found out the concept was accepted by stakeholders, but never implemented. Instead, Allstate acquired SquareTrade, a 3rd party extended warranty service provider for consumer electronics and appliances