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Eikos Partners: Client Handbook

Eikos Partners

A Design Thinking Handbook for Clients

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Eikos Partners is a financial tech consultancy that helps buy-side and sell-side institutions to solve complex technology and operational challenges.



Designer & Developer

team structure

1 designer/developer
2 stakeholders


UI Design
UI Development
Brand Design
Content Writing


Goals & Requirements


business goal

Eikos Partners' main goal is to attract new clients by updating their website. They want to share their latest JavaScript toolkit and software development process. The latter is focused on design-thinking approach.


business requirements

  • Clean, simple webpages for new content
  • Update Homepage banner with latest designs
  • Design pages for Design Thinking Approach
  • Write content for downloadable file 

Design Thinking Approach Ebook


starting point

I worked closely with David and Brian (Partners of Eikos Partners) to understand their thoughts on Design-Thinking. David sent me his vision of the approach in a powerpoint slide:

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 10.24.13 AM.png

Majority of the content is missing, but through conversations and email messages, I've attained his thoughts of the entire process. For any missing information, I filled-in based on my previous experiences and human-centered approach resources found on-line.


Design Iterations


There was constant communication with the partners, so that the work was closely aligned to their vision and brand. Thus, the infographics went through multiple drafts of layouts, style, and color.

First Draft

First Draft

Second Draft

Second Draft

Third Draft

Third Draft


Final Design


The final product was a Design Thinking Approach ebook (pdf format) that was downloadable from the Eikos Partners website for prospective clients to read. The purpose of the book was to provide:

  • transparency to Eikos Partners' software development process
  • Educate and empower clients to take part in the process 
  • Evangelize clients to utilize process in their businesses

Success Metrics



The website updates and pages were launched in early December, and received positive results. The Design Thinking page received the most views across the entire website with 57 downloads on the first week.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 11.50.49 AM.png

Final Thoughts


With no traditional design background, I had to find means of improving my design skills quickly, and also execute the work with ease and professionalism. This was a great exercise in visual design and data visualization/infographics, and learned a lot about color, layout, and content placement.

This project inspires me to work on a pet project in data visualization. When I have spare time, I will look at other inspirations, and possibly create an interactive infographic with some front-end coding. So exciting!