Eikos Partners: Website Update

Eikos Partners

A Website Update



Eikos Partners is a financial tech consultancy that helps buy-side and sell-side institutions to solve complex technology and operational challenges.



Designer & Developer

team structure

1 designer/developer
1 marketing consultant
2 stakeholders


UI Design
UI Development
Brand Design
Content Writing


Goals & Requirements


business goal

Eikos Partners' main goal is to attract new clients with the latest technology services. They want to share their JavaScript toolkit called JSCatalyst and software development process.


starting point

With the anticipated release of JSCatalyst, a JavaScript toolkit that is composed of open-sourced frameworks and proprietary code, a design upgrade was needed in the existing pages. Originally, all of the toolkit pages had banners of David's smiling face:

David is here to provide you the very best of JavaScript best practices!

David is here to provide you the very best of JavaScript best practices!


The image is pleasant, but does not convey the value of the JavaScript toolkit.

I worked closely with David and Brian (Partners of Eikos Partners) and an independent Senior Digital Marketer to define the requirements for the website update.


business requirements

  • Clean, simple webpages for new content
  • Update toolkit banners with latest designs
  • Build out webpages with HTML, CSS, and CSS media queries

Design Iterations

First Draft

First Draft

Second Draft

Second Draft

Third Draft

Third Draft


Webpages Implementation



The website was originally built in Hubspot by an independent marketing team in NYC. This was an interesting, and (tad bit) daunting task because no developers were working on this website anymore. I read through the code base to familiarize before creating HTML templates and CSS styles.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.05.40 PM.png

Final Designs

Other Assets

Style Guide

Style Guide




Success Metrics



The website updates and pages were launched in early December, and received positive results. The Design Thinking page received the most view across the entire website with 57 downloads of Design Thinking Approach Handbook116 Total Views, and 4% Total Conversion Rate on the first week.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 11.50.49 AM.png

Final Thoughts


This project was fun for both design and coding, from the initial designs to code implementations. Reviewing the code base was the most engaging part of this project, as I had the opportunity to read other developer's code. This exposure provided me a great insight into programming - coding is like writing. Coders can be creative and have style just like writers have creative writing style. And to get better as a writer, you just write. Same thing for coding - you get better when you code more.