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Express Scripts

Express Scripts

Home-Delivery Service Registration

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Rx Emporium is a responsive web application for customers to refill their medical prescription. This app quickly identifies past orders and orders new prescription within minutes. Rx Emporium is a pseudonym for Express Scripts.


Product designer and consultant


  • 2 Product designers
  • 2 PMs
  • 8 Engineers


User research
Research synthesis
Usability testing
UI Design
Rapid prototyping
Meeting Facilitation



Express Scripts is a pharmacy benefit manager, working as a middleman between drug manufacturers and employers. It pays pharmacies to dispense generic and brand drugs, and processes 1.5 billion drug orders every year. The stakeholders want to increase sign-ups for mail-order delivery, and proposed an iOS app that scans pharmacy prescription bottles for automatic refills.

business requirements

  • iOS native app
  • Simple, intuitive multi-purchase workflow
  • Intake and validate CC information

The Process

Reviewing business analysis research

Reviewing business analysis research

Synthesizing information from user interviews

Synthesizing information from user interviews



We looked into the stakeholder's idea, by downloading a competitor's prescription-scanning app. The experience was underwhelming as it was unable to scan the bottle accurately. We also wanted to know people's thoughts on prescriptions and how they refilled them. We reached out to people for interviews on Craigslist and social media. From the interviews, we heard similar pains. People stated

  • Too bothered to fill out paper application for home delivery service
  • Unaware of home delivery service was included with their health insurance
  • Rather pick up their prescription for themselves because it was easier
  • Pleasantly surprised home delivery was convenient after tedious sign up
  • Not excited to download an app to manage their prescriptions
Reviewing competitor's prescription refill app

Reviewing competitor's prescription refill app


We focused on initial home delivery signup as there was no substantial need for a native app. Overall, people wanted their prescription with little effort, and I strongly believed an easy setup process could increase in the number of signups. There is high user-value and pain in the delivery signup, and the feasibility for a signup workflow is possible. To generate ideas and change perspective into software solutions, we reframed the problem into a "How Might We..." statement:

"How might we make home delivery signup a simple process for new and existing customers?"


We brainstormed and created a paper prototype to test this concept. With positive feedback received, the designers worked on a high-fidelity prototype in Sketch and Invision, and worked closely with PMs to design based on user stories.


Usability Testing

I had a regular rhythm of designing and testing as user feedback loops minimized product risks. I worked in weekly iterations, ahead of engineering by at least 3 weeks. This distance gives breath for design and product management to test features before engineers build them out.

Interviewing a user

Interviewing a user




Final Designs


Final Product

The product was finished and released into the wild in 6 months. The home delivery signup is a simple online application form, and existing customers can have their past prescriptions automatically loaded with a simple button click.